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Sophisticated Representation for a Diverse Range of Legal Needs

If you are seriously injured in an accident, you may feel burdened by the physical, emotional, and financial impact of your injuries. You should assert your legal rights so that you do not bear this burden alone. The Grand Rapids personal injury lawyers at Neumann Law Group have over 200 years of combined experience representing accident victims in pursuing compensation. Our principal, Kelly Neumann, is an award-winning trial lawyer who has settled many personal injury lawsuits for millions of dollars.

Moreover, the skill sets of our attorneys extend well beyond the area of personal injury law. We represent clients in matters related to employment law, business law, family law, estate planning, and many more. In addition to our three Michigan offices in Traverse City, Grand Rapids, and Southfield (near Detroit), Neumann Law Group operates offices from coast to coast. We have locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, as well as in New York City and the Boston area.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured because somebody acted carelessly, you may be able to recover compensation by bringing a personal injury lawsuit. To establish the defendant's liability, you will need to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care and failed to meet it, thereby causing you injuries. You will need to show the elements of the claim by a preponderance of the evidence. The duty owed in any given situation is usually defined by what a reasonable person would do under those circumstances, but the standard can vary depending on the situation. Usually, in Michigan, you must bring a personal injury claim within three years of an accident to avoid being barred by the statute of limitations. Retaining a personal injury attorney in Grand Rapids or elsewhere can help you make sure that you meet procedural deadlines.

Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Michigan has a no-fault system, which means that you must first turn to your own insurance coverage for reimbursement for economic losses like medical bills. No-fault insurance coverage does not cover intangible losses like pain and suffering. Under specific circumstances, you can sue the driver at fault for your injuries. Noneconomic damages in a personal injury lawsuit can be pursued if a car accident causes serious and permanent disfigurement, serious impairment of a bodily function, or death.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often catastrophic. They sometimes result in many people being injured and making claims against a single truck driver's insurance policy. To hold a truck driver liable for your injuries, you may need to establish the truck driver's negligence. After a truck accident, your attorney may hire an accident reconstruction expert and evaluate all of the potential causes of the accident so that you can hold the responsible parties accountable. There are situations in which it may be appropriate to hold a trucking company directly liable for its negligence or sue a truck component manufacturer for a defective part. Our Grand Rapids personal injury attorneys can handle the complexities of this situation on your behalf so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Premises Liability

Landowners generally owe visitors a duty to use reasonable care to protect them from an unreasonable risk of being injured as a result of dangerous conditions on their property. If you are injured as a result of a landowner failing to repair or warn you about a dangerous condition, you may be able to bring a premises liability lawsuit to recover damages. You will need to establish that the owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition that resulted in your getting injured. For example, if you fell down the stairs due to a broken rail and broke multiple bones, you will need to show that the owner knew or should have known about the broken rail.

Product Liability

As a consumer, you do not anticipate being hurt by a product that you have bought. Unfortunately, some products are unreasonably dangerous and cause serious injuries or even death. If you were harmed by defective design, defective manufacturing, or defective marketing, our Grand Rapids personal injury lawyers may be able to recover damages in a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. You will need to show that a defect was present, the defect injured you, and you suffered damages. The defect must have existed in the item at the time that it left the defendant's control for you to recover damages from the defendant.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and other health care providers may err in their diagnosis or treatment of patients. Unfortunately, patients can be seriously injured or killed by medical errors that could have been prevented. However, not every error is actionable medical malpractice. To recover damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit, you will need to show that a health care professional owed you a professional duty of care, they breached the professional duty of care, causation, and damages. In Michigan medical malpractice lawsuits, it is necessary to retain an expert to testify on what the professional standard of care was, whether it was breached, and whether the breach caused harm. A personal injury lawyer in Grand Rapids or elsewhere in the state can handle this complex task for you.

Criminal Defense

Crimes may be charged as felonies or misdemeanors, with felony charges being more serious and potentially resulting in a sentence involving more than a year in prison. There are eight categories of felonies in Michigan, of which Class A felonies result in the harshest sentences. A felony criminal conviction can affect you far into the future by making it difficult to find a job, go to school, rent a home, or obtain a professional license. A conviction also may affect the resolution of a future criminal charge. Almost every crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney who understands how to raise a reasonable doubt and knows which defenses may be available for a specific charge.

Employment Law

Federal and state laws set wage and hour standards and prohibit employment discrimination. One of the main federal anti-discrimination laws is Title VII, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, or national origin. However, it applies only to employers with at least 15 employees. The Michigan Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, weight, height, or marital or familial status. It applies to all employers in Michigan, regardless of size. Punitive damages are not available under the state law, however, so people who work for larger employers should consult an employment attorney about whether it would be better to sue under a federal law like Title VII.

Business Law

One of the most crucial decisions that a new business owner can make is choosing how to structure the business. The business structures available in Michigan include corporations, professional corporations, limited liability corporations, S corporations, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, sole proprietorships, and nonprofits. It is important to talk to a business attorney about which structure would best suit your business needs and objectives. For example, corporations tend to provide the strongest protection against personal liability. However, they require more formalities than some other business structures do. Often, businesses are regulated by many laws, and it is important to seek legal guidance to stay in compliance throughout the life of the business.

Family Law

Family law matters can trigger strong emotions and become fiercely contested. Controversies may arise in connection with issues such as property distribution, child custody, child support, and spousal support. In Michigan, you can file for a no-fault divorce as long as either your spouse or you have been a resident in Michigan for 180 days before filing for the divorce. You will not need to show that your spouse committed any sort of misconduct to get a no-fault divorce. However, fault can be a consideration with regard to certain matters, such as deciding whether spousal support should be awarded.

Estate Planning

Estate planning requires you to consider what you want to happen if you become incapacitated or pass away. For many people, a major consideration in estate planning is how to avoid or minimize probate. Probate is the process by which a decedent's property is transferred to their survivors, and it can be both expensive and time-consuming. It can be useful to create a living trust that contains all of your assets. In making a trust, you will name beneficiaries and a trustee, who is a person who can administer your property after your death. Without instruments like trusts or wills, property simply passes through probate according to the rules of intestacy.

Traverse City Office

People in the Northern Michigan region can consult our attorneys at our Traverse City office. It is located at 300 East Front Street, #460. We are proud to offer local lawyers so that accident victims do not need to travel to a distant city to meet their advocate.

Southfield (Detroit) Office

In addition to our two offices on the West Side of Michigan, we maintain an office in the Oakland County city of Southfield. It is a northern suburb of Detroit that is home to over 70,000 people. You can find our Southfield Office at 1 Towne Square, #1700.

Los Angeles Office

Neumann Law Group is a nationwide firm, and we operate two offices in Southern California. If you have been injured in a car crash on a freeway or in any other accident, you can meet with the staff at our Los Angeles office. It is located at 1150 South Olive Street, #1300, which is not far from the Staples Center.

Huntington Beach Office

Many of our clients come from communities in Orange County and the southern part of Los Angeles County. They can receive personal attention and dedicated service at our Huntington Beach office. You can find it at 1120 Pacific Coast Highway.

Canton (Boston) Office

Having once practiced in Massachusetts, Kelly Neumann has preserved her ties to the region. Our firm maintains an office in the city of Canton, which is a suburb of Boston that lies mostly to the south of I-93 and to the east of I-95. Our Canton office is located at 793 Washington Street.

New York City Office

Neumann Law Group is proud to offer services to accident victims and other clients in one of the largest cities in the world. You can find our New York City office at 150 Broadway, #300. New York laws tend to be very favorable to accident victims, so you should make sure to explore all of your options for compensation.

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