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Almost daily, the news is reporting data breaches to entities such as banks, school districts, and hospital systems. Individuals are being targeted more as well now that the nature of scams that have become more convincing. There are numerous different types of data breaches that you should be aware of. In this era of technology, cybersecurity is incredibly important and not many people realize the potential dangers in using electronic devices and other systems. Our experienced data breach and cybersecurity attorneys will do everything possible to assist with retrieving your stolen data. We can and can also assist with developing protections for individuals and businesses to prevent a breach.

How Can My Data Be Stolen?


In a ransomware attack, the victim will receive notice that personal information—such as their bank accounts—have been taken and will not be returned unless a ransom is paid. A recent example of a ransomware attack was in our own backyard here in Traverse City, MI. During Spring Break, the Traverse City Area Public Schools received notice that over a terabyte of information was stolen from the district and $500,000 was demanded in payment for its release. Information stolen included the names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and medical conditions of all students and parents enrolled in the district. All schools were required to close for two days, and the district employed the services of intelligence agencies and IT specialists in order to evaluate their options. It is unknown at this time whether any personal information has been released; however, the district indicates that it has not. A massive ransomware attack is currently occurring within the Ascension health system as well, which services numerous states. This breach could put millions of people’s protected medical information is at risk of being leaked or deleted. Paying a ransom for your information does not guarantee its return nor does it prevent its release, as you are dealing with a criminal or criminal enterprise. Having an experienced ransomware data breach attorney as an advocate will increase your likelihood of retaining your personal information.

Stolen Passwords—

Sometimes, your data can be stolen simply due to a hacker guessing your passwords. It is important to use passwords that are very difficult to guess and do not include any personal information about yourself (e.g., pet’s name, street name, birthdate). Should a hacker locate your passwords written down or easy enough to figure out themselves, they will have access to almost all of your sensitive information. If you believe that someone has stolen your passwords and accessed/stolen your personal information, call us today so that our attorneys can evaluate how to regain your online security.


Many people have heard of phishing scams; however, do not exactly understand how or why they work. Many phishing scams will simply be marked as “spam mail” and there will never be an investigation against the hackers as a result. They will create websites that appear legitimate. For example, these hackers may create a webpage that mimics the appearance of a vendor you normally use, such as eBay or Amazon. They will ask that you access that account to confirm your login details, and you are mistakenly providing your passwords to the hackers. Once they have your passwords, they can now access your real accounts and all personal information associated with it, for example saved credit cards. They will change your password, locking you out of your account, and preventing any attempts to escape the phishing scheme. Be aware of emails from unknown sources, note if those addresses are truly associated with the organization it claims to be from, and if you do not trust the link, mark it as phishing. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a phishing scam, call the Neumann Law Group data breach and cybersecurity attorneys to regain access to your accounts.


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Likely the most common and well-known form of data breach involves malware and viruses. The hackers goal in presenting a malware attack is to completely wipe all data and information. For example, if a hospital system is attacked by malware, the medical information for millions of people could be erased, leading to medical errors, delay in treatment, and even death. Malware attacks can be devastating to corporations. Malware attacks are not limited to large scale operations, individuals can be attacked with malware and viruses on their home computers as well. It is vital to be cautious while using the internet or email and make sure not to click any links that are suspicious or are concealed within any messages. If you or your business have suffered a malware attack, an experienced data breach and cybersecurity attorney may be able to help.

Although these are just examples of the most common data breach and cybersecurity concerns, there are many other ways in which hackers can access your information, block you from your accounts, and essentially destroy your financial security. If you believe that any of your personal data has been breached or is in danger of a breach, call Neumann Law Group today.

Business Protections

If you own a business that has been affected by a cybersecurity breach, Neumann Law Group’s data breach attorneys are skilled in working with local, federal, and international authorities to assist your business regain access to vital information. We will partner with information technology experts, law enforcement, and other regulatory entities to help you, in the United States and abroad.

Neumann Law Group cybersecurity and data breach attorneys can also assist your business in creating plans and policies to protect your business against any potential cybersecurity attack. We will implement methods that are compliant with governmental regulations and are effectively secure to minimize the risk of future data breaches or cybersecurity concerns. We can advise on the best risk-management options and ensure that your transactions are secure, and your data can be protected. Our team will continue to work with you in managing the protocols implemented and will assess any data breach and cybersecurity threats your business receives. If you are interested in creating a cybersecurity plan for your business, call us today to get started in protecting your vital data.

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