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Aviation and Drone Law

Aviation law is solely concerned with flight, air travel, and related legal issues. Neumann Law Group aviation law attorneys can assist individuals and businesses in many different areas of aviation law. The general knowledge of aviation law is limited, and it is important to have an experienced aviation law attorney to assist with all of your needs. There is a wide variety of arenas involving aviation law and Neumann Law Group’s aviation law attorneys are up to date on the current laws, understand the processes behind aviation law, and are dedicated to accuracy.

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

– Leonardo DaVinci

Brief History of Aviation of Law

Aviation Plans

The first real study of flight was by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1400s! He created hundreds of drawings to memorialize his ideas of what human flight would look like. One of his designs was called the ornithopter—an aircraft that was designed to fly with flapping wings. Although he was unable to successfully build and fly it—Da Vinci is still well known to be one of the first pioneers in air travel.

Moving forward in time, Roman law and other ancient civilizations considered airspace to be the property of the owner of the land underneath, but regulations were very limited. Due to the increase in the use of air travel, in the late-1700s, the first law related to flight was enacted in Paris, immediately following the first hot air balloon flight. Hot air balloons were actually the focus of much aviation law during that time. The initial introductions of international law related to flight limited the use of balloons in combat. Several well-known conventions took place throughout our history which allowed for agreements between countries with respect to aviation law. Call Neumann Law Group today at 800-525-6386 to learn more about our aviation law and drone law attorneys and for a free case evaluation today.

The birth of modern aviation began with The Wright Brothers. In 1903, they built a flying machine that was able to sustain the first controlled flight in a heavy aircraft. In 1929, the Warsaw Convention was established to attempt to provide uniform regulation for all countries in the worldwide aviation laws. The International Civil Aviation Organization was established during World War One as a part of NATO to oversee civil aviation and to also govern aspects of international flight. This organization created rules for airspace control, registration, and air traffic. International standards for aviation law have evolved and have been the focus of many disagreements between nations and each country has their own specifications for legality of flight. It is important to know that one must comply with the laws of each country in which they are occupying airspace. Pilot licensing, air traffic control, plane certification, safety standards, and many other factors must be taken into consideration when involving yourself in aviation law.

Jet and Pilot in a Hangar

In 1958, the United States established the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in response to the rising era of jet plane travel and as a result of many midair collisions. This organization focuses on aviation on a civil basis in the United States and the surrounding foreign water space. The FAA is the highest authority in our county with respect to airline safety and security, pilot licensing and penalties for violations, air traffic control, research into environmental impact, and many other facets of aviation.

The threat of terrorism following 9/11 resulted in an increase in the focus of safety and security in the skies. Passenger screening and baggage checks began, air marshals were deployed, and other security measures were put into place.

With the evolution of technology in the aviation industry, it can be hard to stay current with laws and regulations. The aviation lawyers at Neumann Law Group can assist with numerous aspects of these laws including, but not limited to Small Aircraft Leasing, Commercial and Military Repair Contracts, Aviation Repair Disputes with Manufacturers, Injury Matters, and FAA Drone Waivers. View the links below for more detail on your specific aviation lawyer needs.

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