Small Aircraft Leasing

Similar to automobile leases, some may find that a small aircraft lease it is more cost efficient or will meet their specific needs versus purchasing the aircraft. If you are interested in leasing a small airplane, helicopter, or any other small aircraft, we will help with all aspects of your lease.

The decision to lease and not purchase can be beneficial depending on how you wish to use the aircraft. There are certain tax benefits and liabilities involved in owning a small aircraft. For example, an owner of an aircraft used for business purposes is eligible to receive certain tax benefits. If you plan to use your aircraft for personal recreation, you do not qualify for any tax benefits.

Small aircraft leases are regulated by the FAA. In order to comply with all relevant laws, it is best to consult with an expert small aircraft lease attorney. Neumann Law Group has the capacity to stay up to date with all new and changing rules and regulations, advise as to required documentation, discuss insurance requirements, and many other aspects of small aircraft leasing.

An experienced aviation attorney at Neumann Law Group will review your needs and assist in drafting contracts for your lease. We are also able to review proposed contracts on your behalf to make sure they are in your best interest. For example, it is vital to include language in the lease about damage to the aircraft and who would be responsible for the repairs. It is also important to acknowledge the return process, including inspection requirements. We will outline all parties responsibilities and obligations during the term of the lease. Should any terms of this lease be broken, Neumann Law Group’s aviation attorneys will make all attempts to resolve the dispute on your behalf and will even represent you in Court if the situation escalates that far.

Chartering a small aircraft is another alternative to leasing or buying small aircraft. The downside to chartering is that you will only have access to the aircraft on a “trip by trip” basis and may not always be available for you when you need it. Signing a lease is a more permanent option and provides full use of the craft whenever needed.

Hiring an experienced and dedicated aviation small aircraft lease attorney who can prepare and negotiate contracts without the involvement of costly financial advisors and traditional banks will ease the process and ensure all around accuracy.

We have a thorough understanding of the leasing process and will ensure that your rights are protected when making such a large investment. Neumann Law Group has a dedicated team of aircraft leasing attorneys who specialize in any aircraft leasing needs you may encounter.

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