Chemical Hair Straighteners


What Are Chemical Hair Straighteners?

Mostly advertised toward black women due to societal pressures, these chemical hair straighteners remove the hair’s natural tight curls and generate a smooth, straight texture. These products are cancer causing and contain endocrine- disrupting chemicals, namely phthalates, known to disrupt natural hormone production. Many women have used these products for decades with no warning of the dangers of doing so.

A study done over a period of 11 years and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that women who used chemical hair relaxers were developing uterine cancer at twice the rate of those who were not. The more frequently a woman uses the straighteners and the length of time she has been using them are serious risk factors.

Hair Straighteners Brand new Litigation

Days after the study above was published on October 17, 2022, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Jenny Mitchell who used chemical straighteners since age 10 and was diagnosed with uterine cancer at only 28 years old requiring a complete hysterectomy. She has no family history of cancer.

Since this time, more than 9 additional lawsuits have been filed against L’Oréal and brands promoting similar products such as Dark & Lovely, Just of Me, Optimum, Motions, Olive Oil Girls. The Court is currently considering whether to proceed with a class action lawsuit and as of December 9, 2022, Defendants have rejected this proposal.

Further, as of November 21, 2022, in the State of Michigan, a class action lawsuit has been filed to provide medical monitoring for women who have not been diagnosed with cancer but are at a higher risk due to use of chemical hair straighteners.

The Plaintiffs allege failure to warn of dangers of the product and defective design. The chemicals in the products should have been disclosed to consumers together with warnings of using those products.

Do You Qualify?
  • Used chemical hair straighteners regularly; and
  • Diagnosed with
    • uterine cancer
    • endometrial cancer/endometriosis
    • uterine fibroids
    • breast cancer
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