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The truck accident lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Detroit, Michigan may be able to assist you if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident. Every year, thousands of people are killed in truck accidents, and many more are seriously injured. Victims of these accidents may suffer serious injuries and disabilities that can include spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neck injuries, back injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, and more. Truck accidents can be far more complicated than passenger vehicle accidents because of the larger size of a truck, and due to more complicated trucking laws.

Detroit’s I-75, I-94, and I-96 are convergence zones for some of the major trucking lines in the United States. It is here that trucks driving miles on each of these highways meet on the Ambassador Bridge. Most days, the hard-working truckers who ship goods between the U.S. and Canadian border and across America do so without major incident. But sometimes, accidents happen. If you or someone you love was hurt in a truck accident on I-75, or hurt in a truck accident on I-94, or injured in a truck accident on I-96 in Detroit, Michigan, the truck accident lawyers at the Neumann Law Group may be able to help you.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer in Detroit Can Help

Truck accident personal injury claims can be complicated. First of all, truck accident personal injury cases can often involve serious injury or even wrongful death because of the sheer sizes of vehicles involved. Next, truck companies and drivers are required to abide by strict federal service laws and other laws that regulate the industry. Finally, truck accident claims may involve multiple negligent parties. While the truck driver may be at fault, the truck company may also have had a role to play in the accident. Sometimes other parties may also have a role, like shippers, loaders, or maintenance personnel. Truck accident cases can be complicated.

Having a truck accident lawyer on your side in Detroit, Michigan can make a difference. Our truck accident lawyers can review the details of your case and investigate the truck company. Truck drivers must abide by federal hours of service laws which limit how long a driver can be behind the wheel in a given day. Drowsy or fatigued driving is dangerous. Drivers must also pass medical exams. Certain medical conditions can make drivers dangerous on the road. Companies may also have a responsibility to vet their drivers before they hire them, and could be held responsible if the driver had a poor driving history. Other factors can also play a role. How often was truck maintained and who did the maintenance? Sometimes when truck companies cut corners, serious accidents can happen. For example, if a tire blew or brakes failed, and this resulted in your accident, a close look at the truck company’s maintenance history and violations may be in order. How the company loads a truck can also matter. Unsecured loads can cause a truck to tip over or can release debris onto the road that can pose a hazard.

These are just some of the ways that a truck accident claim can be unique. Ultimately, every truck accident case is distinct. The truck accident lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Detroit, Michigan can review every aspect of your truck accident, and investigate the trucking company, and even look at the driver’s history to determine who may have been at fault for the crash. If a truck company or driver was at fault, you and your family may be entitled to seek damages and compensation under the law. The trucking industry makes billions every year. Truck companies and drivers have a responsibility to put safety first. When they don’t, people can get hurt, and truck accident lawyers like the Neumann Law Group in Detroit, Michigan can hold them accountable.

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If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident in Detroit, Michigan, you may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under the law. Statutes of limitations laws may limit how long you have to seek a settlement with insurance companies and how long you may have to legally pursue a claim. The Neumann Law Group is a truck accident law firm in Detroit, Michigan that is here to help. Our truck accident lawyers can review your case, estimate the value of your claim, and fight truck companies and their insurers to help you get the settlement you may deserve under the law.

If you or someone you love suffered a spinal cord injury, brain injury, neck injury, broken bones, or internal injury in a truck accident, you don’t have to navigate the insurance claim process alone. The Neumann Law Group is a truck accident law firm in Detroit, Michigan that offers new clients a free initial consultation during which we can review your case, and help you understand the next steps. Contact us today.

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