Sexual Defense Lawyers in Traverse City, Michigan

The sexual defense lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan may be able to assist you if you are being accused of sexual harassment. If you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment or if a sexual harassment complaint has been made against you, you may feel worried, stressed, or may feel like your reputation has been damaged, and your life and future are on the line. If you’ve been accused of sexual harassment, it is important to remember that the standard for sexual harassment set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission only considers sexual harassment behaviors that are frequent, repeated, pervasive, and those that contribute to a hostile work environment. In most cases, a rejected request for a date, a joke that you realized was in poor taste, or a misunderstanding may underlie a sexual harassment accusation. In other cases, a person might find him or herself falsely accused of sexual harassment. How you need to handle the situation may differ depending on the situation, but it may be helpful to have a sexual defense lawyer in Traverse City, Michigan on your side. The Neumann Law Group is a sexual defense lawyer that can review the situation, hear your side of the story, and help you clear you name. Reach out to our sexual defense lawyers today to learn more.

How an Attorney Can Help You with a Sexual Harassment Accusation

A sexual harassment accusation can put your job and reputation at risk. If you risk losing your job because of the accusation, you may want to reach out to the sexual defense lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan today. A sexual defense lawyer understands the standards that must be met for something to be considered sexual harassment. Our attorneys can review the accusations, gather witnesses, fact-find, perform discovery if the case goes to trial, and take steps to clear your name and protect your reputation.

If your employer is about to fire you for sexual harassment, or if you fear that you might be fired because of a sexual harassment claim, hiring a sexual defense lawyer may be helpful. The Neumann law Group can work to clear your name, but if you will be fired, we may also be able to help you negotiate your leave from the company. Proper negotiation may be able to protect your reputation and ability to secure work in the future. For example, some people who have been terminated after a sexual harassment accusation have been able to negotiate severance and even the guarantee that recommendations or references won’t mention sexual harassment to future employers.

Navigating a sexual harassment accusation can be a delicate situation. Human resources often takes steps to protect the company, and not always necessarily steps to protect workers or their reputations. Your employer may even hire an attorney to assist them with the case. If you find yourself facing sexual harassment charges, or if you own a business and an employee has brought forth sexual harassment claims, the sexual defense lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan may be able to help you.

What to Do If an Employee Makes a Sexual Harassment Complaint?

If you are an employer and an employee makes a sexual harassment complaint, the employer must investigate the charges. Not doing so can put the company at risk of facing lawsuits. In the best case scenario, you should have a sexual harassment policy for your company. It is also a good idea to have a formal process to investigate the complaint and to let the employee know that they are safe from retaliation for complaining. The Neumann Law Group is a sexual defense law firm in Traverse City, Michigan that may be able to help you if you are an employer facing a sexual harassment complaint. We can help in several ways:

  • Help you establish formal written policies against sexual harassment.
  • Help you establish formal policies for complaining about sexual harassment to ensure your company is protected should an issue arise.
  • Help you establish formal procedures and notification processes to ensure that the matter is investigated in a satisfactory manner and to ensure that the employee doesn’t feel like they are at risk of retaliation.
  • Help you document the investigation to protect your company.
  • Help you make the best possible decision given the evidence to protect your company.

These are just some ways a sexual defense law firm in Traverse City, Michigan may be able to assist you. If an employee has made a sexual harassment complaint, it is important to act swiftly and take action. Reach out to the Neumann Law Group, a sexual defense law firm in Traverse City, Michigan today. We are here to help.

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