Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Traverse City, Michigan

The sexual harassment lawyers in Traverse City, Michigan at the Neumann Law Group may be able to assist you if you or someone you love has experienced sexual harassment on the job. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment can include verbal or physical sexual harassment, unwanted requests for sexual favors between a manager and a worker, between two co-workers, or even between a client or customer and a worker. Sexual harassment can include disparaging or negative comments about a person’s gender or sex. Sexual harassment doesn’t always have to be committed by a male perpetrator and female victim; it can also go to the other way or be between people of the same gender.

In order for the offense to be considered sexual harassment, it must be repetitive or frequent, or where it contributes to a hostile work environment, or leads to a situation where a person cannot advance in their career or job. Sometimes this results from a retaliatory action (where a person is retaliated against because they speak up about the harassment), but sometimes this can happen because a person has to change teams, positions, or even leaves a job where sexual harassment isn’t addressed or resolved.

If you suffered from sexual harassment on the job, and either experienced retaliation, lost promotion or career opportunities, or lost income as a result, you may be able to seek damages for your losses. The Neumann Law Group is a sexual harassment law firm in Traverse City, Michigan that may be able to help you. Reach out to our sexual harassment lawyer today to learn more.

What to do if You Experience Sexual Harassment on the Job in Traverse City, Michigan

What can you do if you experience sexual harassment on the job in Traverse City, Michigan? What are your options and rights? There are several things you can do to protect your rights.

If you can, consider telling the person directly that you don’t feel comfortable with the behavior. Remember, that in order for something to be considered sexual harassment, it must be pervasive and frequent. If you feel comfortable letting the person know you’d like them to stop, you may be able to stop the behavior before things get out of hand. Sometimes putting your request in writing can be helpful.

However, not everyone feels comfortable confronting sexual harassment, especially if the person committing the harassment is a manager, supervisor, or boss. If the harassment doesn’t stop, or if you don’t feel comfortable asking the person to stop directly, you can reach out to a supervisor or to a higher report, or you can refer to your company’s policies on sexual harassment to see what company guidelines are on how you can progress.

Remember, if you speak up about sexual harassment and experience retaliation, firing, demotion, or are passed up for promotion because you spoke up, you are protected under the law from this. If you experience this, you may have the right to bring forth a sexual harassment case, and receive compensation or damages for your losses. You can also report the sexual harassment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Finally, you may also have the right to make a claim and seek damages for the sexual harassment. The Neumann Law Group is a sexual harassment law firm in Traverse City, Michigan that may be able to assist you. Reach out to the sexual harassment lawyers at the Neumann Law Group today to learn more about your rights, to assist you with the next steps, and to help you with your settlement or claim.

A Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Traverse City, Michigan May Be Able to Help You

Are you experiencing sexual harassment on the job, or think you are experiencing sexual harassment and need help with the next steps? Sexual harassment is narrowly defined under the law. A single request for a date or a single moment where someone teases someone else isn’t sexual harassment. The harassment must be pervasive, consistent, frequent, contribute to a hostile work environment, or interfere with a person’s opportunities on the job. If you believe you might be experiencing sexual harassment and believe the sexual harassment is interfering with your job performance, opportunities, or other options, reach out to the Neumann Law Group, a sexual harassment law firm in Traverse City, Michigan. Our sexual harassment lawyers can review your case, evaluate your employer’s policies and reaction to the situation, and help you with the next steps to help you seek justice.

Experiencing sexual harassment on the job can feel incredibly lonely. However, you don’t need to navigate the legal process of fighting for your rights and your livelihood alone. The sexual harassment lawyers at Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan are here to help.

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