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If you are facing a dispute with a tenant and are a landlord, the Neumann Law Group is a tenant dispute law firm in Traverse City, Michigan that may be able to assist you. The good news is that many tenant disputes can often be resolved by discussing the matter with your tenant. However, it can make a big difference when having these discussions to know what your legal obligations are as a landlord, and what your tenant’s responsibilities are. Armed with proper knowledge, you may be able to resolve the dispute and also get the best possible outcome given your situation. The tenant dispute lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan may be able to help you understand your rights and obligations, and resolve your dispute in the best possible manner.

What are Your Responsibilities as a Landlord?

Your responsibilities as a landlord fall under several important categories. You have the obligation to properly manage your tenant’s security deposit (it’s not your money). You have the obligation to let your tenant know who owns the property. And you have an obligation to “deliver possession” of the property on the date the lease begins. Landlords also have an obligation to physically maintain the unit and make repairs, when needed.

Tenant disputes can arise when a tenant vacates a property early (breaks the lease) or when the property is left in a damaged condition that requires repairs. If you need to keep the security deposit because the tenant broke the lease or because there were damages, you may need to let the tenant know in writing, and may need to provide specific itemized lists of damages. If you have questions about what your obligations are if you plan to keep a security deposit because a tenant left a property in poor condition, reach out to the tenant dispute lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan to learn more about your obligations and the next steps you can take.

Another situation where tenant disputes can arise is when landlords and tenants disagree about repairs to be made. It is your obligation to make repairs when failure to do so would imperil your tenant’s safety. Generally these repairs pertain to obeying building codes, making sure electricity and plumbing is working, trash disposal is available, and heat is up and running. However, sometimes a tenant may demand more. In some cases, you’ll need to refer to your lease to determine your obligations. For example, if you included appliances in the lease, you may be required to maintain these appliances (and it may be in your best interests to include appliances in the lease to protect your interests should a tenant damage one of these appliances). Another situation might be one where the tenant is to blame for damage to the property. For example, if you believe a tenant’s negligence resulted in the breaking of a pipe or wires on the property, you may have the right to ask the tenant to make these repairs himself or herself.

Not sure what your responsibilities are? Are you in a dispute with a tenant about who is responsible for repairs? Reach out to the tenant dispute lawyers at the Neumann Law Group in Traverse City, Michigan today. We may be able to help you.

Need to Evict a Tenant? It’s Important to Follow the Law

Tenants enjoy protections under the law when it comes to eviction. Even if a tenant hasn’t paid rent, he or she has a right to his or her day in court. In order to evict a tenant, you’ll need to provide an eviction notice, and follow proper procedures. You never have the right to physically remove a tenant’s property from the unit without following proper channels, and you never have the right to just change the locks. In order to evict a tenant, you’ll need to have a legitimate reason to do so. This can include non-payment of rent, violation of the lease, or a situation where the tenant is seriously damaging your property. If the tenant is causing health or safety issues or is violating health ordinances, you may also have the right to pursue eviction.

In order to evict a tenant, you may be required to provide them with an eviction notice before filing for eviction in court. Document the delivery of the notice. Taping it to a door, and taking a photo of the door is one way you can do this. You could send the document via certified mail or have a personal server deliver it. The key is to document everything, because if your tenant claims he or she didn’t get the eviction notice, this could complicate matters at the eviction hearing. Many tenants will leave if you talk to them or when you serve an eviction notice. But some won’t. If you win in court, the tenant will have a period of time to leave, at which point you can call the police and remove their property from your property.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, and with eviction moratoriums in place, it can be harder now than ever to evict a tenant. Know your rights and responsibilities before you start. Reach out to the Neumann Law Group, a tenant dispute law firm in Traverse City, Michigan today. We can help.

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