Expungement- The Michigan Clean Slate Act

Michigan’s Clean Slate Initiative

Criminal Background Check Form Expungement is the process of having felony or misdemeanor convictions completely removed from a criminal record. The State of Michigan recently enacted The Clean Slate (link #1) Act. This legislation became effective in April 2021, and expanded the types of eligible convictions that can be removed from your record. It even set a plan into motion allowing for automatic expungements expected to begin around April 2023.

It is important to know which convictions can and cannot be removed from your record. You must be able to differentiate between the types of felonies that can be expunged and how many. You must also know how many years you must wait after your conviction before your application will be considered. Further, the processes for applying to remove convictions for to DUIs and marijuana related offenses can be completely different. This is why it is vital to consult with the experienced expungement attorneys at Neumann Law Group. The criteria to qualify are very specific and require close inspection of your record.

The process of filing an application for expungement can be intimidating and there are several steps involved in making sure that it is done properly. You must present your fingerprints and criminal history to the Courts, the Attorney General, and Michigan State Police. Once the AG and MSP have provided recommendations consenting to your expungement, a hearing is held before the Judge. Should the Judge find that your application meets with the criteria, your record will be cleared.


Expungement It is important that you speak with our legal team if you feel that you could qualify for expungement under Michigan’s Clean Slate Act. You do not want to limit your right to a new start, and it never costs anything to speak with our team about your potential options.

If you believe that you qualify for a criminal record expungement, call our criminal defense attorneys at 800-585-6386 today for a free consultation.

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