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Whether you are simply “surfing the net,” downloading content through peer-to-peer file-sharing programs, or communicating in a chatroom, law enforcement may be monitoring your activities. Indeed, in today’s age, there is no longer any anonymity in how you use your computer. If simple internet surveillance and monitoring reveals something that appears criminal, federal agents will then obtain a warrant to seize your devices. This can—and often does—lead to the filing of federal charges, such as child pornography offenses and other sex crimes.

At the Neumann Law Group, our seasoned Traverse City criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience handling complex internet crimes. Unlike many other defense firms, we pride ourselves on being tech-savvy and devote countless hours to staying on top of all recent technological developments. This means we will be able to immediately assess the severity of your situation as well as the propriety of the search warrant and the government’s investigation.

What Are Cyber Crimes?

There are a wide variety of crimes that fit under the umbrella of cybercrimes, ranging from computer hacking to fraud to phishing/spoofing, as well as sex offenses. In our experience as a renowned cyber crime law firm, some of the most common cybercrimes include the following:

  • Identity theft
  • Internet fraud
  • Cyberbullying
  • Social media fraud
  • Cyberstalking
  • Online drug trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Software piracy
  • Computer hacking / malware / ransomware / phishing / smishing, etc.

As technology becomes further integrated with our commerce system, all types of white collar crime will eventually migrate into the cyber crime arena as well. Moreover, more so than any other area of criminal law, new cyber crimes are constantly being passed as lawmakers catch on to new tricks and technologies.

Cybercrime Defense

When it comes to cyber-crimes such as identity theft, sex crimes, and piracy, it may feel as though the constitutional right of the presumption of innocence is thrown out the door. However, that is not the case. Regardless of the crimes charged, you are presumed innocent unless and until the government can prove every element of the offense against you beyond a reasonable doubt. However, even a complete lack of evidence will not stop corporations from pressuring politicians and or law enforcement from pushing for an aggressive prosecution and harsh punishment for those committing cyber-crimes. This is particularly the case where the subject matter is complex, and the legal framework for determining criminal versus commercial behavior is murky.

If I’m Under Investigation for a Cyber Crime, Can I Delete my Hard Drive?

Deleting your hard drive in the face of a pending federal investigation is both a bad idea and unlikely to help your situation. By deleting incriminating files, you’ll do little to hinder the federal investigation because agents investigating internet crimes possess the technology, time, and funding to retrieve data deleted or destroyed by the user. Further, if you destroy or attempt to destroy evidence that is relevant to a pending federal investigation, you may find yourself facing other criminal charges. And, in the event you are found guilty of an internet crime, the prosecution can bring up that you hid or attempted to hide evidence during your sentencing hearing.

Have You Been Criminally Charged with an Internet Crime?

Federal prosecutors have recently ramped up their focus on all types of internet crimes. If you’ve been caught up in an investigation and are looking for help developing a defense, reach out to the Neumann Law Group for immediate assistance. Our Traverse City cyber crimes lawyers have unrivaled knowledge and experience when it comes to these complex and high-stakes cases. This puts us in the position of being able to meticulously review the government’s investigation for any signs of a constitutional violation, as well as other possible defenses. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation with one of the internet crimes lawyers at the Neumann Law Group, call 800-525-386 today. You can also connect with us through our online contact form.

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