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Ninja (SharkNinja Operating, LLC) is widely believed to be one of the most elite and quality appliance manufacturers. A Portable blenders have grown in popularity due to convenient use and cost effectiveness. BlendJet is the number one manufacturer for portable blenders. The brand claims to pride itself on compact design, convenience, portability, and many other characteristics—including safety.

In December 2023, a voluntary recall was issued by BlendJet indicating that 4.8 million BlendJet2 blenders were at risk for overheating and breaking blades. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC confirmed that these blenders increase risk of fire hazards and lacerations due to overheating. The recall was essentially forced due to the considerable number of complaints of overheating, breaking pieces, and injuries from the BlendJet blenders. Despite this, BlendJet continues to sell these blenders and markets them in a positive way, disregarding the dangers they can cause. It is worth noting that BlendJet announced their recall after a lawsuit was filed against them.

In September 2023, a class action lawsuit was filed against BlendJet because of the product defects resulting in serious injuries. The lawsuit claims that the marketing of the BlendJet blender’s abilities were misleading. Plaintiffs have come forward with numerous reports of injury and if you or a loved one has been injured by a BlendJet blender call us today to see if you qualify to join this class action lawsuit.

BlendJet is offering users refunds and product replacements in attempts to diminish their responsibility to compensate those that they injured. Before contacting BlendJet, you should contact a qualified products liability attorney to ensure that your rights are protected!

It is important that you speak with our legal team if you feel that you have been affected by this recall before speaking with any one of Blend Jet’s representatives so that we may evaluate whether you have grounds for a lawsuit. You do not want to limit your right to recovery, and it never costs anything to speak with our team about your potential claims. There have not been any jury verdicts or settlements related to the BlendJet lawsuits yet.

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