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Neumann Law Group is actively exploring cases against Laundress and its manufacturer, Unilever following a recall because of bacterial contamination in its laundry detergent and other products, including soaps and cleaning products. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) announced the recall of around 8,000,000 units of Laundress produces after a complaint filed in November 2022, prompted the Laundress to realize the dangers of their products. The Laundress recall extends from the United States into Canada.

The November 2022, complaint claims that Laundress marketed the cleaners as luxury and non-toxic, despite containing the undisclosed, deadly chemicals. Laundress reveals on its website that their products contain bacteria “including Burkholderia cepacia complex, Klebsiella aerogenes, and multiple different species of Pseudomonas, many of which are environmental organisms found widely in soil and water”. Pseudomonas can be especially dangerous because they are antibiotic resistant. Left untreated, all of these bacterial contaminants can be deadly.

These Laundress bacteria are commonly acquired through the eyes, inhalation, and broken skin. The symptoms and side-effects are particularly severe in those with weaker immune systems, those using surgical equipment (e.g., insulin pumps or CPAP machines), and those with other long-lasting illnesses. So far, almost a dozen people have come forward with claims for injuries against Laundress laundry detergent and other Laundress cleaning products.

Laundress is offering users refunds and product replacements in attempts to diminish their responsibility to compensate those that they injured. Before contacting Laundress, you should contact a qualified products liability attorney to ensure that your rights are protected!

Products to Avoid:


Laundress put together a complete list of all of the different names and products that are affected by these bacteria. Some of the alternative ‘brands and product names’ are listed below. Please refer to the full list to ensure that you are not still using the recalled products. All of these products say “The Laundress – New York” on the label and Laundress is recalling all products manufactured through September 2022.

  • Aden + Anais
  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • Autumn Cashmere
  • Brunello Cucinelli Wool & Cashmere Shampoo
  • Crate & Barrel
  • J. Crew
  • John Mayer Way Out West
  • Saks

Units Affected—Stop Using Immediately!!

  • Lot codes starting with:
    • the letter F with the last four digits at 9354 or less
    • the letter H and the last four digits at 2262 or less
    • the letter T and the last four digits at 5264 or less
Symptoms of bacterial infection:
  • fever;
  • chills;
  • body aches;
  • light-headedness;
  • rapid pulse;
  • heavy breathing;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • decreased urination;
  • skin rash.

It is important that you speak with our legal team if you feel that you have been affected by this recall before speaking with any one of Laundress’ or Unilever’s representatives so that we may evaluate whether you have grounds for a lawsuit. You do not want to limit your right to recovery, and it never costs anything to speak with our team about your potential claims.

There have not been any jury verdicts or settlements related to the Laundress lawsuits yet.

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Have you or a loved one used a Laundress laundry detergent, soap, or any other Laundress cleaning product and developed a bacterial infection? You may qualify for compensation for your pain and suffering, economic damages, loss of consortium, and other damages. Contact our product liability attorneys at (800) 585-6386 today for a free consultation.

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