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Hundreds of thousands of hernia repair surgeries are performed annually in the United States. Many of these surgeries involve hernia mesh, including Physiomesh. Unfortunately, not every hernia repair patient receives the outcome that they expect, and some people suffer painful, even potentially fatal complications. If you have experienced problems following a hernia repair using Physiomesh or another hernia mesh, the Grand Rapids and Traverse City Physiomesh lawyers at Neumann Law Group are here to answer any questions that you may have about your legal rights. We have been serving injured people throughout Michigan for many years, and we will be glad to talk to you about any complications that you experienced following a hernia mesh surgery.

Hernia mesh comes in several different types, including animal-derived, synthetic, coated, composite, absorbable, and non-absorbable. It is sold under many different brand names, depending upon which company manufactured it. Several types of hernia mesh have been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and been the subject of litigation in various state and federal courts across the country. Physiomesh is a flexible composite hernia mesh manufactured by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Some patients who received Physiomesh to repair a hernia have complained of complications such as recurring hernias, infections, pain, and bowel obstructions.

Legal Remedies for Defective Products Under Michigan Law

When someone is hurt by a Physiomesh product, they can consult a Physiomesh attorney at our Traverse City and Grand Rapids firm to discuss the possibility of a product liability lawsuit. There are several possible legal theories upon which a product liability claim may be based, including failure to warn, negligence, misrepresentation, and breach of warranty. As in other types of personal injury and wrongful death cases, the plaintiff has the burden of proof. This means that they must be able to convince the jury, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the product was defective, that the plaintiff suffered an injury, and that the defective product that was made, distributed, or sold by the defendant was the proximate cause of the harm suffered by the plaintiff. We can help you gather evidence to support each of these elements. These types of claims are challenging for a victim to bring on their own because of the scientific and medical complexities involved.

If a plaintiff’s product liability claim can be successfully proven, a Grand Rapids or Traverse City Physiomesh attorney may be able to help them recover substantial damages, including compensation for pain and suffering, reimbursement for medical expenses, and replacement of lost wages caused by time off from work due to the faulty product. An experienced product liability attorney can help a hernia mesh patient review the relevant medical records, retain an appropriate expert witness to aid the jury in understanding the sophisticated issues involved in a medical device injury case, and navigate the appropriate proceedings in court to establish the plaintiff’s claim.

Talk to an Injury Lawyer About Potential Claims Based on Physiomesh

Time is of the essence in filing a claim for injuries suffered due to a defective or dangerous medical device, so it is important to talk to a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been hurt by Physiomesh or other hernia mesh. At the Neumann Law Group, our Physiomesh lawyers serve people in Traverse City and Grand Rapids, as well as Ann Arbor, Flint, Lansing, Muskegon, Midland, Holland, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Wyoming, Saginaw, Warren, Petoskey, and areas throughout the Upper Peninsula. We also can assist people who have been harmed by other defective medical devices, such as hip replacements, defibrillators, or birth control devices. For a free consultation, call us now at (800) 525-6386 or contact us online. We are ready to help you assert your right to all of the damages that you are entitled to receive.

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