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Snowmobiles or “snow sleds” are off-road vehicles that can accelerate at an incredibly fast rate and are capable of reaching speeds between 100mph and 200 mph. As a recreational sport involving high speed, snowmobiling can be dangerous. In fact, many snowmobile accidents happen every year, sometimes resulting in serious injury or death.

At the Neumann Law Group, we recognize that the aftermath of an accident is an incredibly challenging time for you and your family. Our Michigan snowmobile accident lawyers have decades of combined experience helping accident victims pursue meaningful compensation for their accident-related expenses, and we look forward to discussing your case with you during a free consultation.

Causes of Michigan Snowmobile Accidents

Many factors can contribute to snowmobile crashes, including operator error, improperly maintained trails, and defective equipment. While every accident is unique—and some involve multiple causes—below are a few of the most common causes of snowmobile accidents in Michigan.

Negligent Drivers

Sometimes, snowmobile accidents can be the result of operator negligence. A negligent driver can injure themselves, a passenger, the operator of another snowmobile, or even a bystander.

Whether or not an injured party is able to recover damages for their injuries will depend on all the circumstances involved, including the extent to which the party claiming damages also acted in a negligent manner. This analysis can become complex, such as in cases involving two snowmobilers who collide in an open field. Clearly, some degree of negligence is involved, but who specifically was negligent and to what extent requires a much deeper look.

Dangerous Terrain

Claims can also arise out of improperly maintained trails. Where a trail is openly held out to the public for use as a snowmobile trail, the property owner has a duty to maintain the trail in a reasonably safe manner. Failure to do so may result in liability in the event of an injury. For instance, if the landowner fails to repair a trail bridge that fails while someone is riding across it, the landowner may be found negligent.

Moreover, if a property owner is aware of the passage of snowmobiles over his or her property and intentionally injures one of the trespassers, or if the snowmobiler is injured due to the property owner’s failure to use ordinary care to prevent injury to the trespasser arising from active negligence—such as installing a non-visible wire fence across a regularly trespassed trail—that owner can be liable for injuries caused to riders, despite their status as trespasser.

Dangerous or Defective Equipment

Injuries resulting from a defect with the snowmobile itself also give rise to legal claims. This type of action is deemed a product liability claim and can arise either from a defect in the design of the snowmobile or from an error in the actual manufacture of the machine. These types of claims typically require expert opinions and testimony, increasing the cost of litigation.

In sum, given the various potential defendants involved and the challenges that arise when determining liability, working with an experienced Michigan snowmobile accident lawyer is highly recommended.

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