Pressure Cookers

Hundreds of emergency room visits have been caused by pressure cooker accidents. Serious burns and other injuries result from the pressure cooker exploding or liquids bursting from the pot. The problems arise out of the lids, which are designed to create airtight seals, preventing the hot steam and pressure from escaping. If the seal is broken before the pressure is released, the contents are shot from the opening. Even the safety lids manufacturers are creating still sometimes fail.


A number of pressure cooker have been recalled. In 2006, for example, 900 Welbilt pressure cookers were recalled after the company received 37 reports of consumers suffering from serious burns, including at least four incidences resulting in third-degree burns. The same problem occurred in Manttra pressure cookers, and in 2007, the company recalled over 38,000 to address similar design defects that allowed the hot contents to spill out. That same year, Bella Cucina Zip recalled 8,300 of their cookers after receiving reports of explosions causing burn injuries. In 2015, Breville USA recalled about 36,000 of their 6-quart electric pressure cookers because the sealing gasket could allow the unexpected release of built-up pressure, increasing the risk of burns. And in 2017, Aldi recalled the Crofton Chef Collection’s 6L pressure cooker because the lids could pop off and result in an explosion.


The following brands of pressure cookers have been linked with injuries, or have been recalled because of defects:



Bella Cucina



Cook’s Essentials



Elite Bistro


Instant Pot





QVC Electric Pressure Cooker

Tabletops Unlimited




Wolfgang Puck


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