Property Tax Appeals

Property taxes are a burden shared by anyone who owns real property—well, not charitable organizations, but even nonprofits may have to foot a tax bill depending on the specific use of a particular piece of real estate. Property taxes are important to the local economy, as they fund school, local government, libraries, public transportation, community colleges, and provide resources to make a community a more pleasant place to live.


Sometimes, however, a property tax assessor will make an error, whether it relates to uncapping of the value, overvaluing the parcel, or holding the wrong party responsible for the tax bill. To object, the first stop is the local administrative board of review. The board of review conducts brief hearings limited to review of the assessor’s work. At the conclusion of the hearing, the board will render a decision. If the decision is unfavorable, the next step is to appeal the decision to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.


The Tribunal is comprised of two divisions, the Small Claims Division and the Entire Tribunal Division. The Small Claims division will hear appeal in the county which the property is located. This is an informal hearing that does not require formal process. The Entire Division Tribunal conducts formal hearings, almost always with legal representation. The scope of the review and the tools available for appellant to obtain information is much greater. An appellant has the freedom to choose either route when filing the appeal.


Regardless of whether you are homeowner, trying to overturn an assessment that increases your tax bill by $1,000 a year, or a real estate developer, appealing the decision to tax your project as individual parcels rather than a vacant piece of land mid-development, Neumann Law Group has experienced attorneys ready to assist you. Call us for a free consultation, and we will provide a honest assessment of your matter.

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