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As we age, certain parts of our body tend to “wear out” faster than others. For many people, these include joints such as the knees and hips. Recognizing this biological fact, the medical device industry has seized upon the opportunity to provide a much-desired product – namely, replacement hips and knees. In their rush to get certain medical devices to market, however, some manufacturers have taken ill-advised shortcuts, including skimping on the product testing in actual patients. As a result, many joint replacement implants have been recalled or have been subjects of product liability litigation. At the Neumann Law Group, our Traverse City and Grand Rapids knee replacement injury lawyers can assist victims in claims related to defective knee implants, as well as hip replacements.

The idea behind knee and hip replacements is to replace joints that have been injured or have degenerated to the point that the patient can no longer function normally, due to excessive pain or other issues. Some manufacturers have led patients to believe that their new “bionic knee” or hip will last them for the rest of their lives and make them essentially “as good as new.” While a successful knee or hip joint replacement can substantially increase the quality of life for people who were previously incapacitated, not every joint replacement implant meets the reasonable expectations of the patient. If you have been implanted with a knee or hip replacement device manufactured by Attune, Stryker, or Optetrak, you should know that there have already been a substantial number of complaints lodged with federal authorities concerning these devices.

Possible Product Liability Claims Involving Knee and Hip Replacements

When a knee or hip replacement made by Attune, Stryker, or Optetrak is defective, and that defect is the proximate cause of injuries to a patient in Grand Rapids or Traverse City, our knowledgeable knee replacement injury attorneys can help them file a claim in a court of law for damages. We may base this claim on one or more of the several theories of liability potentially available to a product liability claimant: a defect in design, a defect in the manufacturing process, a failure to warn, negligent marketing of the product, a breach of warranty (express or implied), misrepresentation, or fraud, among others. The plaintiff has the burden of proving his or her case by a preponderance of the evidence, with the defendant manufacturer, wholesaler, or seller having the opportunity to present its defense to the plaintiff’s allegations.

As with other cases involving personal injury or wrongful death, the plaintiff has only a limited amount of time in which to file a claim. This time period is controlled by a statute of limitations and a statute of repose. Only in rare cases will this time period be tolled, so it is very important for people who believe that they have been adversely affected by a bad product made by Attune, Stryker, or Optetrak to talk to a Traverse City or Grand Rapids knee replacement injury attorney about filing a claim. In the case of a potentially defective knee or hip replacement, signs that may indicate a serious problem with the device include pain, decreased mobility, swelling, instability (or “shifting” of the implant), a decreased range of motion, inflammation, infection, frequent falls, loosening of the joint implant, or a need for additional surgery.

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